Studio PAVAS offers children, teens and adults a well-rounded visual arts education. Courses are available in a variety of media including oil, water colour, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media. In addition, Studio PAVAS offers specialized courses in junior and senior portfolio preparation for students applying to specialized high schools and universities. Classes are taught by well-qualified instructors with an enthusiasm for both their art and their students.

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  • Level 1 – No experience beginner or up to one year
  • Level 2 & 3 – Intermediate, 1 or 2 years of experience
  • Level 4 and up – Advanced, more than 3 years of experience

Building A Portfolio Class:

These classes are designed to prepare students auditioning for a school of the arts in high school or post-secondary colleges/universities.

*Wildlife & Pet Portraits

Learn how to draw & paint your favourite animal in their natural habitat or even your furry friend at home! In this class you will gain an understanding of the basic structure and forms of animals. You will develop new techniques with both pencil, charcoal and acrylic paint. You will learn about shading, colour theory, blending colours and how to create a powerful composition!

*Realistic & Expressive Portraiture

In this class we will explore both realistic & expressive portraiture in acrylic paint and mixed media! We will break down the structure and form of the human face in basic shapes so it is easy to understand. We will look at each of the facial features and explore how to use light and shadow to create form. We will look at basic colour theory and blending. These tools will give you the confidence to capture the likeness in a self-portrait and of those you love!

*Collage Creations  

If you have a crafty hand and always find yourself collecting materials in a little box, this mixed media program is for you! In this class we will learn about composition, colour theory and mixing textures. Learn how to design a beautiful image by assembling all of your favourite magazine cut outs, photographs, buttons, strings and more!

*Landscape Painting

Become inspired by nature’s beauty as we take a close look at various scenery from lush forests to sandy beaches! You will gain an understanding of form, textures, patterns and composition. As we explore with acrylic paint we will try out different brush techniques & colour theory exercises to create space and depth within your painting. Capture one of your favourite landscapes on the planet!

*Drawing/ Water Colour & Oils 

This course begins with an introduction to drawing, starting with the drawing method of constructing objects using basic shapes. Student drawings become more developed by the use of light and shadow. Students are encouraged to draw from their imagination or from reference material provided in class to sharpen they’re observational skills. While learning drawing skills students will a explore watercolour basics which will give students a knowledge of colour mixing and a variety of application techniques. The challenges of water colour as a medium sharpen student skills which can be applied to the next type of painting, oil painting. This is when many students begin to flourish combining many of the previously learned techniques into they’re new oil paintings. Students will learn about many different types of applications from dry brush techniques to wet on wet. Students will attempt to paint a wide range of subjects of their choice, some favourite subjects are science fiction fantasy, landscape and portraiture to name a few.

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