Since 2010, Caroline has been the Junior PAVAS program coordinator at Studio PAVAS. Caroline is a graduate of Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College which enriches her education and guidance of all her students. She brings years of dance training and experience in the arts to the program. Caroline was formally trained in competitive rhythmic gymnastics for 9 years. As the Western Ontario's Overall champion, Caroline competed at the world championships in Europe. Caroline has completed her PAEC exams in Ballet, Tap and Jazz, and was a Studio PAVAS competitor in Acro and has won numerous awards as the highest overall soloist, in duets, and as part of a group. Caroline is a graduate of Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College which enriches her education and guidance of all her students. Since 2005, Caroline has been teaching Acro and Dance to students of all ages and has been the Junior PAVAS coordinator since 2008.
Janet Parsons
A graduate of the BAA Illustration program at Sheridan College, Janet Parsons currently resides in Oakville, Ontario. In addition to being an illustrator, she teaches children's art classes. Surreal, romantic and allegorical, Janet's work features bold colour palettes, graphic shapes and organic elements to create unique images. Janet takes inspiration from nature's enchanting beauty and the raw emotional states of living things. Janet has been teaching at Studio PAVAS since 2016.
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Visual Artist
Joseph Sampson graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1995. After OCA, he began freelancing as an illustrator while continuing to paint. Painting quickly became his sole occupation. Joe's portfolio is comprised of a variety of scenic imagery, and is currently focused on waterscapes. Drawn to shorelines, beaches, lakes, oceans and streams, Joe uses water imagery to depict the dichotomy between movement and immobility. A detailed understanding of light's ability to create color, shadow and tone is utilized to set mood in each painting. Whether the focus is cold, warm, tranquil or angry, waters' magnificence strikes the viewer and an emotional response is evoked. This is due, in part, to the large scale of the work. From a distance, the viewer is drawn towards what appears to be a photograph. Upon closer inspection, brushstrokes are revealed and the observer is made aware of the meticulous layers of brushwork, resulting in the illusion that the viewer is still for an instant, at the waters' edge. Studio PAVAS is thrilled to have Joe return and be a part of the faculty.
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Fanzia is an experienced instructor and professional artist. Her work had been exhibited locally and internationally, an forms part of many corporate and private collections. Fanzia has taught thousands of students over the years helping them to explore art in many mediums From teaching foreign students art, to helping students build their portfolios and simply discovering their passion for art, Fanzia is a passionate teacher who loves to paint. Her work is comprised of breathtaking landscapes, realistic portraits, celebrities, and ballerinas.


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