At Studio PAVAS, dance students may audition to be a part of the competitive team. This program offers dance students a chance to excel, find their strengths, enhance their performance skills, build confidence, acquire discipline and be part of a team.

jazz practice - studio pavas

The Studio PAVAS competitive team competes in a minimum of three competitions in Ontario each year, and every other year senior students may also attend a competitive event in the USA. Students may compete from the age of 6 at the Pre-Primary level to the Pre Professional level and participate in routines for solos, duets, trios and groups, in a variety of dance genres, including song & dance and musical theatre.

Rehearsals to learn and practice competitive routines are scheduled during the week and/or on Sundays. The competitive team starts in mid-September until May. The locations and dates of each competition event, which are held between March and May, is available by December. Call the office, or talk to your dance or music teacher, for more information and to book an assessment time. Dance, musical theatre, music teachers and the Director make all final decisions on student selections for all competitive numbers.

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