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Studio PAVAS offers music lessons for adults in all disciplines. Adults come to Studio PAVAS for many different reasons and everyone finds tremendous enjoyment in learning and practicing their new found knowledge of the music and the arts.


For some adults, taking music lessons may be a childhood dream coming to life. For others, it’s a chance to return to practicing an art form which they enjoyed during their youth. Studio PAVAS has adult music lessons from beginners to more advanced levels to ensure that adult students enjoy this great opportunity to explore the arts, in a comfortable environment.

The primary goal of the Studio PAVAS Music Program is to instill in students the fundamentals of music, the feeling of time, rhythm, and listening skills. While technical, sight-reading and all other abilities on a chosen instrument are important, understanding rhythm and acquiring a musical ear are primary in establishing a strong foundation. Additionally, these fundamentals are the building blocks of musical creativity. Private and semi-private lessons and group classes will be taught in a fun and relaxed setting. After learning the basics of reading and technique, students may wish to explore a variety of styles (Modern, Jazz, Pop, or Classical) or stream into a single area. Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation can also be accommodated.



Weekly half hour to one hour lessons are available for Singing, Guitar, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Trombone, Saxophone, Drums, Trumpet, and other instruments. Private and semi-private music lessons for all instruments will consist of listening to music; technique and sight-reading; repertoire; and encouragement of creativity and self-expression. 

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