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Adult dance students come to Studio PAVAS for many different reasons and everyone finds tremendous enjoyment in learning and practicing their new found knowledge of dance. For some adults, taking dance classes may be a childhood dream coming to life. For others, it’s a chance to return to practicing an art form which they enjoyed during their youth. Studio PAVAS has adult dance classes from beginners to more advanced levels to ensure that all adult students enjoy this great opportunity to explore the arts, in a comfortable environment.

The Dance Program at Studio PAVAS is very extensive. In the 7 large, professional dance studios, a wide variety of dance classes are offered in many styles, at all levels and for all ages. The Dance Program focuses on developing the technique, creativity and artistry of each student. The classes are accessible to everyone who wants to learn how to dance. Studio PAVAS dance classes are available in small groups, semi-private and private classes


Studio PAVAS offers ballet classes for adults. These classes are specifically designed for adults as a great way to improve overall fitness. Students will enhance muscle tone, strengthen posture, improve coordination and flexibility, as well as develop the strength, grace and poise of a dancer. Everyone is welcome. These classes are offered to beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. It is equally well suited for those who may have danced in the past, and would like to return to ballet as a form of exercise. 



Adults will learn to appreciate how Jazz is an energetic and fun style of dance, consisting of unique, upbeat and sharp moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns, often done to popular music. It emphasizes parallel leg work, body isolations and it is characterized by a low center of gravity and high levels of energy. Most Jazz classes start with warm up, followed by a series of stretching exercises and isolation movements. Students will then work on the execution of specific steps and sometimes practice short routines. 



Tap dance for adults focuses on rhythm by using the shoes as a percussive instrument. The sound of the dancers’ tap shoes hitting the floor is the main characteristic of this dance style. Tap dance classes are focused on rhythm, control, balance, proper stance and musicality. Quality of sound is very important and therefore strongly emphasized in classes at every level.


Hip Hop dance’s origin is from the streets where it evolved into many different styles. Dance studios have taken up this emerging street dance and infused some Jazz technique into it. This very popular dance style is widely used in music videos and popular performing artists will often tour with an entourage of Hip Hop dancers, as part of their show. Hip Hop dance classes are accompanied by Hip Hop music, and there is a focus developing quality of movement, personal style and agility.


Total Body Conditioning classes for adults incorporate cardio and strength exercises using equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, bosu ball, body bars and more. Work at your level and pace while being motivated to reach your fitness potential.  This class is for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and achieve their fitness goals.


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